Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Brewing Standard Time Line

I have what I think is a working time line. I will tweak this as I develop it better especially for my small kitchen and brewing space, adding tips and lessons in red.

  • 24 Hours before Boil day
    • Yeast starter if using dry yeast
  • Boil day
    • 2.5 Gallons of room temp filtered water in the brew pot.
    • Add grain bag
    • Steel grains until water temp is 170 degrees.
      • While steeping, fill and sanitize your fermentation vessel and other equipment
      • Don't forget to get a spray bottle of Starsan!
    • Remove grain bag
      • Makes great compost!
    • Bring to a boil
    • Remove from heat and all all fermentables (Malt, Honey, etc), Stir until completely dissolved
      • Letting liquid fermentables warm up before opening made this much easier. I dropped the entire container of LME in a pitcher of hot water and it poured out much easier
    • Return to heat and return to boiling temperature, stirring constantly.
    • When boiling begins add bittering hops
      • I use this time to filter 3.5 more gallons of water to top off with later on
    • 50 minutes later put the CLEAN wort chiller in the wort to allow it to come to a sterile temperature
    • 5 minutes later add the finishing hops
    • 5 minutes later (total 60 minute boil time) remove all hops and remove from heat
    • Bring temp down as rapidly as possible.
    • Pour into a sanitized fermentation vessel and top off with cool filtered water
    • Cover and let cool until wort is 70 degrees.
    • Take a gravity reading
    • Pitch Yeast
    • Seal and add Airlock
  • Racking day (Boil Day + 5-7 days)
    • Rack the beer into a secondary fermentation vessel
  • Bottling day (Boil day + 10-14 days)
    • When the beer has reached its finished gravity
    • Clean and sanitize 60 bottles and caps
    • Boil 4 cups of water and your priming sugar
    • Let priming solution cool and place in bottling bucket
    • Rack the beer into a bottling bucket on top of the priming solution
    • Bottle and cap the beer
  • Drinking day (Boiling day + 25-32 days)
    • Relax and have a home brew!


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