Friday, May 10, 2013

Ovila Abbey Quad

  • SRM Color : 47
  • Brewer: Sierra Nevada
  • Brewer's Description: Ovila® Abbey Ales are a series of Belgian-inspired beers brewed in collaboration with the monks at the Abbey of New Clairvaux in Vina, CA. An homage to the time-honored monastic brewing tradition, Ovila Abbey Ales combine the quality and craft of those dedicated artisans with a dose of American brewing innovation. Featuring ingredients grown by the monks on the grounds of the abbey, Ovila Abbey Ales are a fresh twist on the ancient brewing tradition.
  • Recommended Glassware: A Tulip
  • Russ' rating: 8.5 of 10
  • With the brew: The War Chant!
  • Comments: The world is Hop crazy, and I am a Belgian and  a porter fan. Sierra Nevada (Whose flagship beer is a Pale Ale) has been low on my radar the last few years, but I caught site of this beer at my favorite shopping spot and decided that a Belgian Quad was worth a try. Pouring thick with smaller than average size bubbles ( <0.5mm ), the head settled quickly but left lacing in the glass as it drank. The nose is sweet with a slightly tart floral scent. The mouthfeel is slightly thicker than most quads I have had, but not cloying or over thick. The flavor is sweet and heavily flavored with an earthy yeast taste. It swallows clean with a slightly tart aftertaste. Sierra Nevada has not completely won me over with this one but it was good enough to have another for sure.

Do you agree? Do you think I completely missed on this one? Feel free to leave a comment below, give me a +1, or "Like" my post!


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