Friday, January 11, 2013

Ommegang Abbey Ale

  • SRM Color : 24
  • Brewer: Brewery Ommegang
  • Brewer's Description: Deep burgundy in color, topped by a dense tan head, Abbey Ale is rich on the palate but with a dry finish. Suitable for cellaring, Abbey develops wonderful caramel, fig, and currant notes with age.
  • Recommended Glassware: A Tulip
  • Russ' rating: 9.5 of 10
  • With the brew: Getting a Job
  • Comments: They say that every food and drink has a number. It takes a certain number of tries before you adjust to the flavor and begin to enjoy it. For Ommegang Abbey Ale (as with most Ommegang brews) that number is 1. Pouring a deep caramel color with just  the slightest ruddy tinge, the bouquet is immediately crisp and fruity. The head is of average ( 0.5mm - 0.7mm ) bubbles and lasts a fairly good while. The taste is light and clean. At once fruity and tart with a crisp dry finish. One thing i noticed about this beer was it had a persistent nose. I could smell it before each sip and it got the mouth watering and the heart singing.

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