Saturday, September 29, 2012

Espresso Oak Aged Imperial Stout

  • SRM Color : 70
  • Brewer: Great Divide
  • Brewer's Description:  A generous infusion of Denver’s own Pablo’s espresso adds yet another layer of complexity to this beer, combining with the vanilla oak character, intense roasty maltiness and bold hop profile to create a whole new breed of mythical creature. It’s official: You can now have Yeti with breakfast.
  • Recommended Glassware: A Goblet 
  • Russ' rating: 10 of 10
  • With the brew: Drunk on the Moon (Tom Waits)
  • Comments: Dark and full of mystery... Dreamlike and ephemeral... Following this beer to the bottom of the glass is like watching a masterpiece of art sink below muddy water. A thing of beauty only truly understood and appreciated while it is fresh in your glass and on your tongue. Pouring as dark as it comes the liquid splashes in the goblet and almost oily on the glass. The head is smallish and of average size bubbles (0.5mm - 0.7mm) but leaves a wet lace the entire for experience. it has a nose of roasted barley malt and coffee. The head dissipates but leaves a lasting wet lacing and an thick brown film that makes you want to study the glass. Rolling back on your tongue the flavor is rich and darkly toasted, with the espresso lingering as the sip slips down your throat. the bitterness of the hops and espresso bean is exquisitely balanced with the sweetness of the hops and makes for a lovely warming and memorable brew.