Monday, November 14, 2011

Lindemans Kriek Lambic

  • SRM Color : 8 and PINK!
  • Brewer: Lindemans
  • Brewer's Description: 
  • In origin, this sweet-acid drink was obtained by adding fresh black cherries to a barrel Lambic of 6 months young. The addition of fruits provokes a new fermentation in the oak barrels. After another 8 to 12 months, only peels and stones left and the Kriek-Lambic is ready to be filtered and bottled. The residual sugar can be adjusted with straight-on fruit juice to give a refermentation in the bottle. This traditional type of fruit beer is more acid and less fruity. Because of the limited availability of the "Schaerbeekse Cherries", just as to brew a less sour and more fruity Lambic beer, Lindemans farm brewery developed an unique alternative natural method using pure cherry juice from unfrozen cherries. This straight cherry juice is blended with selected Lambic of different ages. Kriek has a pink-red color and a delicious taste of sparkling cherry champagne.
  • Recommended Glassware: A Tulip
  • Russ' rating: 10 of 10
  • With the brew: Someone Special
  • Comments: Beer is special. The limitless combinations of Grains, Malts, Hops and Yeasts mean that no two Beers ever need be the same. Among all this special Beer Lindemans' Kreik Lambic is so special it is almost miraculous. Kriek initially is similar to many other Beers using fruit juices in the brewing process. Lambics however have a special feature about them. They are spontaneously fermented by wild naturally occurring yeast  spores carried on the wind in only one place in the entire world, and only for a short time each year from October to April. The un-fermented wort is placed in the attic of the brewery and exposed to the outside air. The wild yeast is delivered by nature to create a style of Beer that can not be duplicated any where else on earth because only in one small geographical area near Brussels. The Beer poured with a bouquet of sweet almost floral scents. The head was of larger than average bubbles (> 0.7mm) and lasted a long time. The body of the Beer was a cloudy pink color. The drink was similar to champagne in its light effervescence, and significantly sweeter than any other beer I have ever drank. The cherry flavor was strong and pleasant. This Beer gets a 10 of 10 not because it compares well to other Beers, but because it stands apart from conventional Beers as something unique. It is an accidental miracle.

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