Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sweetgrass American Pale Ale

  • SRM Color: 10
  • Brewer: Grand Teton Brewing Co.
  • Brewer's Description: Sweetgrass APA is a Pale Ale of distinction! 2009 Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal winner in the American Pale Ale category, this crisp and fragrant beer is hopped and dry-hopped with plenty of Amarillos and Cascades.
  • Russ' rating: 7 of 10
  • With the brew: Spicy White Chicken Chili
  • Comments: Sweetgrass had a warm copper color, with a cloudy appearance punctuated with a coarse sediment. The pour offered a nice spicy Hop scent, and the head had a medium bubble (0.5mm - 0.7mm). This beer has a sweet flavor that rides along side the spicy Hop Pale Ale flavor giving it a non traditional but very pleasant taste.

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