Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nommo Dubbel

  • SRM Color : 20
  • Brewer: Boulevard Brewing Co.
  • Brewer's Description: Dubbel is a beer style developed by Belgian Trappists in the Middle Ages, part of a naming convention that also includes the lighter single and stronger trippel. All well and good, you say, but what's this “Nommo” business? Well, the Nommo are ancestral spirits worshipped by the Dogon tribe of the West African nation of Mali. The name is derived from a Dogon word meaning “to make one drink.” No, really. Nommo usually described as amphibious, hermaphroditic, fish-like creatures, were created by the sky god Amma, who caused them to multiply by splitting them into doubled sets of twins. Seeing a trend here? Maybe it's farfetched, but we think the story of the Nommo makes this whole enterprise a little more fun and interesting.
  • Recommended Glassware: A Tulip Glass
  • Russ' rating: 10 of 10
  • With the brew: Steak or other Savory Meals
  • Comments: One of the Smokestack Series from Boulevard, Nommo is a fantastic example of a Belgian Dubbel. Right from the initial pour, I knew this one was special. The immediate scent was of subtle spices with a nutty hint. The Head was of larger bubbles (> 0.7mm), and the body was a rich, deep amber color. Once in the glass the aroma hinted at the Belgian yeast used in the fermentation process, but it was subtle and just a whisper. When taking my first sip I was immediately impressed by the complexity and completeness of this Beer. The Spices, Hops, Grains, and Malt combined together to create a wonderful and exciting flavor, but it was so well crafted together that it formed a whole and unique taste. There is nothing missing and there is nothing out of place. This Beer elevates brewing to an art form.

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